Do You Know Your Bounce Rate?

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bounce rate

What Is A Bounce Rate?

Bounce rates have nothing to do with trampolines or bouncing over canyon rocks.  It has to do with how your customers behave while they visit your website.  By definition, it is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page and not interacting with that page.  The longer a person stays on your website the more opportunity you have to sell them a product or service.  Or provide them general education or information.  When they bounce after a one page visit that is a concern.

Low Or High?

If 100 viewers leave your website after a one page visit that is a 100% bounce rate.  When 50 viewers go deeper than one page then you are at 50%.  If they find your telehone number on page one and leave that’s good.  But not everyone is looking for just one piece of information.  The goal is to get your viewers to travel further in to your site.  Explore!  Check out your About Us page, Products and Services, Testimonials, Contact Form – all worthy pages to visit.  So low is the goal.  Go low, and you win.

Improving Your Bounce Rate

improving your bounce rate requires specific changes to your site. Your bounce rate, and improving it, is as individual as your business.  Do you have a one page website?  Many small businesses do.  Is your site layout or navigation confusing?  You may be used to your own site but other new users are not.

Next Steps

Make sure you have a Google Analytics account set up to capture your bounce rate.  Keep an eye on it.  Measure it weekly.  Make adjustments.  Ask customers if they had trouble or difficulty with your website through a simple survey or face-to-face when they visit you.

Homework Exercise

Seven Ways To Lower Your Bounce Rate

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