Mobile Viewing Surpasses Desktop

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Mobile Surpasses Desktop!

In October 2016, smartphones and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of internet usage compared to 48.7% by desktop. This is the first time worldwide smartphone and tablet usage has moved ahead of desktop.  We feel this is important for small businesses for an number of reasons.

What It All Means

Think about it.  An equal number of people are looking at your business online presence on their smartphone while out shopping or perhaps from the comfort of their home on a tablet.  These consumers and hopefully prospective new customers expect to find you easily.  When your website pops up on their phone they want a A+ viewing experience.  They DO NOT want to have to push their finger to the left or to the right to follow your content.  Nor do they want to try to enlarge the page to see the super tiny print they can’t read.

Optimized For Better Viewing

Your website must be developed to format properly on smartphones.  Perform a test yourself.  How do you look?  If it isn’t formatting properly we work with older and outdated websites.  The Narrow Door Team can fix the issue inside your content management system, test it and get it working correctly.  Make the move to improve your website to ensure it is optimized and responsive for smartphone and tablet viewing.

Next Steps

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out if your website is displaying properly on smartphones and tablets.  This is known as a responsive layout.  Experiment by opening up three or four popular websites and see how they look.  If the information, images and menu display in the center of the phone and don’t expand beyond the viewing screen then your website is responsive.  If not, get started fixing and updating your website technology.  Mobile usage will continue to grow.  And you want to look good on a smartphone, no questions asked!

Read All About It

Read about this important change at Mobile Surpasses Desktop.

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