My Business Doesn’t Have A Website

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shutterstock_47282155I’m Not Playing The Website Game

An article in Inc magazine quoted a study that found that more than half of all small businesses do not have a website – wow, that’s a scary statistic.

What’s Going On Here?

Unless you don’t care about growing your business, or providing better customer service, then I suppose you don’t need one. But who falls into that category? And building an effective website is not that expensive, so there’s just no excuse.  Small business owners are always weighing the benefits of an efficient marketing strategy, and that includes investing in their website.


Traditional Versus Digital Marketing

We find that many small businesses are getting by with traditional marketing.  That means they are buying media such as newspaper ads, using flyers, billboards, radio, or sponsoring area schools, charitable events or sports clubs.  These are helpful tactics that generate results.  When you fall in to the 50% of small businesses that are getting by without a website that means you are most likely not gaining the benefits of social media, blogs, social posts, Yelp, reputation management, pay per click advertising, display ads, Pandora ads, re-targeting or re-marketing.  These tactics are commonly referred to as digital marketing.

Return On Investment

As a small business owner you want to look closely at the return you receive with each tactic.  Can you validate that your billboard is bringing new customers in to your business?  Does your radio media plan give you a good idea of the number of people that might of heard your ad?  Knowing this information will make you more confident about your investment.  Striking a balance between digital and traditional is absolutely essential in today’s dog eat do world.

Now What?

Contact Narrow Door Web Solutions to discuss your media plan.  We will be happy to review it in detail and guide you toward the best approach.  Remember, word-of-mouth marketing and traditional marketing are only one piece of the new customer generation puzzle.

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