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Narrow Door provides strategic marketing and customer experience consulting.  We bring hands-on, real-world techniques to each client we serve.

Elite Physical Therapy 

narrow door portfolio

Elite is a popular, successful physical therapy facility located in Ballwin, MO.  The owner was looking for assistance to improve all aspects of the customer experience.  Narrow Door led strategy sessions around:

  • Improving customer interactions
  • Using personal social media to personalize the role of a therapist
  • Effective meet-and-greet approaches to make customers feel more at home
  • Using simplified explanations to help chart a therapy success course for each client
  • Things to say which create viral, word-of-mouth marketing

Klunder Kafe Restaurant

Klunder Kafe

The Klunder Kafe is an Iowa institution serving thousands who pass through Northern Iowa.  It’s top-notch homemade cooking diner.  Family owned and operated, the owner was interested in ways to motivate employees to continue and build the strong brand.  Narrow Door led strategy sessions focused on:

  • First point-of-contact dialogue
  • Upsell approaches
  • Asking for feedback in difficult situations
  • Creating repeat customers

Zickel Flooring

narrow door portfolio

Zickel Flooring serves a multi-state footprint with commercial flooring needs.  From concept and design through removal, installation and on-time job fulfillment, Zickel specializes in all aspects of commercial flooring.  To earn a new business opportunity, Narrow Door was brought in to develop a presentation for a large hospital in the St. Louis market.

  • Creating a value proposition in a commodity industry
  • Showcasing the staff, their tenure and leadership skills
  • Formatting and laying out a 100-page spiral-bound presentation
  • Using referrals and testimonial marketing to increase brand strength

Christian Brothers College High School

narrow door portfolio

Christian Brothers College High School is a Catholic school committed to providing a college preparatory education to students from all backgrounds. As a Lasallian school, CBC’s faculty and staff are dedicated to helping every student realize the maximum potential of his God-given talents and abilities.  Narrow Door was brought in to assist the school with their entire online brand.

  • Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to understand user behavior
  • Organizing website content to create the strongest visual appeal
  • Increasing the strength of the brand and it’s sub-brands
  • Working with a difficult and clunky content management system

Businesspersons Between Jobs

narrow door portfolio

Businesspersons Between Jobs is a job search and career development organization serving unemployed, underemployed or employed job seekers throughout the Greater St. Louis area.  The organization provides the professional resources and tools to help shorten the time it takes to secure a fulfilling job that meets each candidate’s specific needs and goals.  Narrow Doo was brought in to re-build the online image of the organization.

  • Design, develop and deploy a new WordPress public-facing website
  • Implementation of a stronger, broader social media program
  • Creation of an outbound e-mail marketing program
  • Using participant feedback and anecdotal research to re-align the brand

School of Rock

narrow door portfolio

Welcome to School of Rock — a haven for aspiring musicians who love rock n’ roll. The philosophy is simple – create live performance environments where kids can thrive.  Classes are tailored to all age groups and levels of proficiency.  Instructors are passionate about creating a legacy of music by helping students succeed in music and beyond.  Narrow Door got involved to assist the school in key areas of value proposition approaches.

  • Increasing outbound communication to enhance and sustain loyalty
  • Maximizing the right social media channels
  • Messaging and content strategies
  • Using live performances to showcase the stregnth of the brand

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