Why You Need a Website

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Your Small Business Website

You work hard to compete day in and day out with bigger companies.  So, do you really need a website?  During a recent meeting with a prospective new client he told me “Life without a website is a good reasom to focus on my business.  Then i don’t have to learn about how to manage or update it.”  Fair statement.

Business The Old Fashioned Way

That thinking worked 10 or 15 years agg.  Not today.  Word-of-mouth marketing, church bulletin ads, living on your legacy, thinking you have new customer loyalty and the fact you’ve been in business for 50 years isnt enough.  That’s business the old fashioned way.  Making a step in to digital marketing grows your business.  Helps your new customers find you.  Generates revenue.  Isn’t that all part of good business strategy?

Building Your Online Presence

Online presence means people found you on the website, and became a new customer.  They found you through search, saw you had the product or service they wanted, felt comfortable and are now standing in your lobby. Let’s say you drive by a dentist office and think about changing from your current dentist.  You look up the dentist online.  Nice website.  Good pictures.  Helpful information.  Easy enough.  I’m making the switch.  If there is no website there is no swith.  Lost customer.  Lost revenue.  It’s time you give serious thought to how your online presence is helping or hurting you.

Still Not Interested

OK, you can survive without a website.  Print ads, flyers, Yellow Pages, word of mouth marketing.  Hope.  Prayer.  Sure, those help.  In today’s dog eat dog business world a small investment in a a website compliments thos other tactics.  You ned balance.  Yes, you may think you have a strong customer base but “still not interested” is a bad excuse.  You’re a small business.  Competing with bog box retailers and online sellers like Amazon.  Your survival depends on having a website – and that’s the law!

Next Steps

Make an investment.  Ask for a consultation.  Learn.  Explore.  Look at what others are doing.  Make the move!

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Why Small Businesses Need A Website

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