Small Businesses and Social Media

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Social Media

Covering The Basics

Is your small business using social media?  Do you have a Facebook page?  LinkedIn?  Facebook and Google+ help your small business.  These pages allow you to share and engage with your audience in new and different ways.  As a result, you will connect with more customers and improved your company loyalty, build your brand and grow your business.

Posting Strategy

You should have a dedicated employee who handles your pages daily.  They are in charge of finding information that in interesting and helpful.  Make sure you have fun.  Offer a trivia question for Trivia Tuesday or display an old picture on Throwback Thursday.  There is no shortage of good ideas!  Help your audience to see a different side of you.  You want to put new content on your page each day.

Experience Matters

Does your marketing team and and web person have the experience and skills to represent your brand?  If not look to Narrow Door Web Solutions to assist.  That’s what we do.  We offer guidance, solutions and perform the posting work for you.  We know the right ways to look strong in today’s challenging business environment.  Big companies have teams of people focused on this.

Social Compliments Other Digital Tactics

Social media is new for a lot of small businesses.  It can be scary.  But to win you must be participating.  A website alone won’t do it.  A great Yelp page isn’t enough.  Or just a You Tube page.  Google comments aren’t enough.  A mix of web, social and other online digital tactics are required to be successful and to be seen and heard.

Getting Started

What important things about your company should your customers know?  Build your topic list.  Look at other social pages in the same industry.  Success will come when you see comments, re-posts, likes and shares. That’s a big step forward.  Play the social game the right way and you’ll be a winner!

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