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You brand and your reputation are on the line every day.  Social media pages tell a story.  So, what story are your customers getting?  They are learning about you without visiting your business or calling you.  The power of today’s consumer is tremendous.  That’s where Narrow Door helps.  We strengthen your brand so you look great on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Narrow Door’s social strategy gives you more time to focus on driving your business success.  Let’s enhance your social media pages and engage with the largest audience possible.


  • Time managed posting strategies
  • Skilled in negative posts
  • Humanize you and your team
  • Making social fun
  • Balance of organic and curated content  

Social Media Channels

We support and build solutions for the follow social media pages.


Every business must be on Facebook.  It is the single most important social channel we work with.  Your content will be a nice mix of company information, product and service posts, customer education, helpful tips, and interesting facts.  Facebook marketing campaigns will be built to improve your targeting to the right customers.  Facebook can do it all.



LinkedIn is no longer an employment resume site.  Besides having your own LinkedIn profile, your company must represent themselves on LinkedIn too. LinkedIn has come a long way.  It’s a simple and easy way to post interesting articles, helpful advice, news about your company, your industry along with customer buying habits.  It offers a branded option to showcase your company.  Let’s link in and get rolling.



For business owners, Google+ will help grow your business.  The Google+ posts we create are a search engine optimization dream because we create content and get it indexed and recognized as important by Google. Think of Google+ as a little sister to Facebook but a better tool to help people find you on the web.  Let’s start reaping the benefits of Google+.

Twitter Logo

Twitter is head and shoulders above other social media options in terms of time efficiency, reach, engagement and transparency. People, and companies are so easy to find, via their Twitter “handle”, or through the search tool.  We will help create your personalized news feed.  Consumers post about almost everything on Twitter in 140 characters or less.  Let’s begin building your brand on Twitter.



YouTube is one of the fastest growing sites and is a great platform for you to showcase your company. For small businesses, there are very few sites more important than YouTube. Make full use of the features provided by the site and be patient. Let’s create powerful videos for your business.


Social Media Products


Next Steps

Is your current social media strategy meeting your expectations?  Are you measuring your results?  Contact Us and let’s talk about taking you in a new direction to build new engagement, interest and customer loyalty.